Academic Production

As the finest college Movies-icon (1)of Journalism and Mass Communication,Kumar Institute of Journalism & Media is go for the rigorous training of their students in the field of production, students are assigned to create and produce different informative and entertainment programmes. During the study period students are involved in the Pre production, production & post production of news Stories, Documentaries, News Coverages and other entertainments stories.


tv_icon5112On building a strong foundation of basic film ground and then via intense practical exercises, assignments, case studies and workshops, the specific craft skills of Ad film making are taught. During the studies, students are given inputs in screenplay writing, continuity, elements of visual design, principles of visual composition, colour theory, graphics, typography, production design, production planning, budgeting, scheduling off/online post production. Inputs are also given in media planning, consumer psychology, role of advertisements in modern day marketing and use of Ad films in cross media platforms.A part from all these, a huge importance is given to teaching Mis-en-scene and Montage which we feel is the heart of good Ad film making.

KJM Express News

news-51dhd2KJM runs its own local news channel, for the training of students. Our mission at KJM Express News Channel is to encourage students to be informed, digital-savvy global citizens. We broadcast to this local news channel in Kanpur, Etawah, hardoi, Raibareily etc from 2009 to 2012. Our daily news shows and supplementary educational and other entertainment programme, produced by senior team of trained journalist, all regular students undergo the training of electronic media, mainly scripting, news editing, news production etc.

KJM Productions

folder-blue-pictures-iconA KJM production is a private limited company, involved in producing documentaries, news stories and commercials. The company provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video. Under this segment institute produced social ad films for world Health organization project for Diabetes (a pilot project of Diabetes running in Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat), & Meri Pehechann, programme based on celebrities.

Voters’ awareness programm

472333749Under the banner of ADR – Association for democratic Reform KJM activity participate in the 2012 LokSabha Election, to aware voters of Uttar Pradesh .Since then ADR has conducted Election Watches for almost all state and parliament elections in collaboration with the National Election Watch. It conducts multiple projects aimed to increase transparency and accountability in the political and electoral system of the country. We covered many district of Uttar Pradesh through our video van, uses to convincing voters to vote through slogans and songs. All songs and slogans created by Kumar Institute of Journalism & Media.

Progamme Coverage

2015611162822In our Studio we use full HD video cameras with state of the art equipment from shooting to editing for photography of different programme. We can also produce high quality DVD and voice over recordings. This is fully operated by well trained students who have attended training classes and workshops at the Studio Training Centre to provide you with the best coverage for your events and occasions.