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This 2 years course will equip you with all the practical and intellectual skills you need to work as a multimedia, multi-platform journalist, at the same time allowing you gain a deeper grounding in the abilities of broadcast, or written journalism. It offers practical training in radio and television. News writing, television and radio journalism are taught through lectures, workshops and broadcast simulation. This covers news, documentaries and lifestyle TV journalism. Please pursue for this course if your interest is primarily in television journalism of any kind.

This is the Bachelor degree program with 3 year duration and comprising depth knowledge & analysis of Web, TV, Radio and Print Media functionality. You will get practical experience of copy & video editing, graphic designing, short film production and any more things. This government accredited course will give you access to the dynamics of real time media scenario.

This one year course has a great potential to provide you in-depth knowledge of workings in Television and print media and high end web media as well. By providing internship training it would enable you to overcome all practical problems to be faced in your actual job of media industry.

Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication is a Three Year UGC recognized Degree programme affiliated to Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. The Course facilitates students to grasp the nuances of the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. It provides an insight into the various genres of Mass Communication namely, Introduction to New media, Radio, Television, Advertising and Public Relations and opens doors of opportunity across Media. Practical training (industry exposure and internship experience) is an integral part of the Bachelor Module to supplement theoretical education.

Master in Journalism & Mass Communication 2 year’s degree course leads to specialization in a particular field of Media. Besides an in depth analysis of the field of Mass Media , Research is added to provide the student with the knowledge of scripting media stories, the importance of sources and teaching the relevance of facts in Journalism. The course is government accredited and meant to provide the student with the overall knowledge and understanding of dynamic world of Global Mass Media.

The advertising industry has exhibited tremendous growth in recent years and continues this trend, fuelled by product innovation, media modulation and technological development. Advertising not only creates awareness about products, services and ideas among the target groups, but also moves the client’s goods off the shelves in the market. The students will also learn all the features of Television, Radio, and Internet & Print advertising. Public Relations are an integral part of any industry. This course enables students to find a berth in echelons of middle and upper management.

When you see creative designs, animated cartoon films, and Hollywood science fiction movies, you never know everything is done by multimedia professionals via multimedia tools, devices and programs. These days Multimedia skills are the key demand in the field of TV, Cinema and Web media production and programming. Thus each and every company requires persons who retain professional skills of Multimedia tools and softwares. By pursuing this 3 years course, you will be able to handle almost all kind of multimedia operations.

Master in Media Management – 2 Years: The significance of media has been felt by all fields and it’s being difficult to be ignored these days. It is very important for any business such as marketing or advertising strategy to enhance and update knowledge about new products or services which in turn will lead to overall success of any business enterprise. The purpose of media management is to provide knowledge to the students about fundamental aspects of media business which they may not be familiar with, which also include accounting, management, circulation, TRP and Strategy as well. Certainly, students will also come to know about different aspects that might be helpful in developing skills needed to get regular or specified media management task.