Kumar Education and Welfare Society

“Kumar Academy” a recognized name in the field of education, is governed by “Kumar Education and Welfare Society”, a non government organization established in 1998. It is a trust working for the upliftment of education and sought help individuals to become self reliant and mark their career as a professional. Society is knowing as a base of activities in the region of literature, ethics, culture and spirituality, it is a soul of India. For sharpening the technological talent of professional advancement, knowledge has been the bone of all sorts of efforts in educational area, our programme has committed itself to the excellence in management & media through its on campus and off campus.

Today we stand on the edge of education, out of all the conservativeness control our education system for a long time, we come across the traditional academics and trying to spread our limits beyond. Present society demands professional & technical oriented youth who can involve & participated the overall journey of our growth & progress. Keeping pace with this day to day changement has been the most demanding challenge before us. Education is not a word only which can describe so easily it is hub of everlasting knowledge and chasement to acquire the best. It is a base of society applying simple formula more we know more we get. Today’s education is tomorrow future so to make better future we would have to work hard. Our society Kumar education has been contributing to this education revolution in its own way. Fully alive to the emerging challenge Kumar society create a platform with distinct vision, blended with technology and skills, especially in the field of media the fourth biggest power of the country. It runs under the guidance of Dr. Satendra Kumar Chauhan, as the secretary of the society, with co-partners Prof, M.A. Khan , Dr. Jyotika Patteson and some other renowned professionals of other sectors.

Kumar Institute of Journalism and Media

Paying due cognizance to the ever growing demand for trained professionals in the industry, Kumar Institute of Journalism and Media has set up a premier institution to meet this emerging need. KJM has been explicitly designed and conceived to meet the mission, vision and mandate of being able to provide the aspiring journalist, electronic media, advertising and PR professional. They experience the best integrated facilities for education, skill development, and subsequently attain mastery in their respective fields. Moreover, the institute also aims to be a total one stop for Media Business and Production Houses seeking such skilled and talented professionals.
With the best in production infrastructure and a faculty of core media industry professional, KJM is fully geared to provide its students, a firm grounding of fundamentals in digital content creation for print, Radio, Television, and Non – Broadcast; as well as the generation of rich content for advertising, corporate communication, and new media like the internet and multimedia.

Our world class curricula, coupled with optimal group sizes, and personalized capacity – building paradigms, aim to equip and empower students in realizing their innate potential as trial blazers in their respective grounds. Moreover, the close correlation of our courses with the media industry, and hands on training in real world environment, are designed to facilitate our graduated in attainting the lowest learning curve, when they transit from the academy to working in Media.
The biggest USP of the course lies in the fact that the students shall be given a portfolio, which would enable the students to get jobs in the best of media houses. The theoretical aspects of mass media are amply supplemented by the adequate practical training in the academy. Students are endowed with the latest equipments which adhere to the industry to the industry standards; in a way the curricula is well equipped to handle all sorts of media needs, which are updated from time to time with regard to the change in technology and expertise.

Our specialty


Training Studio

Kumar institute is the first institute in Uttar Pradesh who provide professional level studio to endure professional training to the students. Well furnished acoustic studio, having the facility to record all audio/ video programmes and documentary films.
Infrastructure of Studio – Camera – Sony (institutional, Pro, Broadcast and Digital), DV – Pro – 150 and PD – 170 Series , DVCAM – DSR 200, 300 and 500 series.
Teleprompters (TP) for news and programmes.
Studio lights and other instruments for floor management.
Use of crane and trolley for recording
2. Recording Facilities
500 sq ft. Acoustic studio fully accommodated for recording of all types of program related with news, entertainment, documentary Films etc. professional mic’s and cameras are used for indoor and outdoor recording facility.

PCR – Production Control Room

We have modern floors with PCR for shooting and production of Anchoring and off line Programmes, on – line, live to tape and live to air shows. For the post production part of the programme our studio having the facility of conventional Linear Edits – A/B Roll , broadcast and Pro Series, DV players and recorders, ADO – 100, Vista Switchers, SFX 2000 and for Non Linear Edits we have Avid Liquid NLE and Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro for video editing and for audio editing and sound recording all audio production equipments, wired / wireless, microphones, analog/digital mixers, DAW’s are used for all production work.

Broadcast Graphics

Training in visuals and graphics for news and other production, special training for 2 D Graphics and 3 D Graphics, 3D Max, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Combustion.