KJM cyber College Running Certificate Course

Radio jockeying is a non-conventional career and fast catching up with other traditional jobs. With the advent of FM channels, Radio Jockeying has become a popular career option for many youngsters. A radio jockey is a person whose job is to communicate with people through the radio and play either their favorite songs or other hit numbers. You can get into this field by enrolling for Radio Jockey Courses offered by KJM. After this course just become coveted and thoroughly trained radio jockey and be able to design, script and host your own radio show with convincing verbal imagery.
With the globalization of Media industry, demand for qualified anchors & reporters is booming. KJM prepares the aspirants to become confident, polished and well trained. We assist you to become an outstanding persona of this competitive Industry. Dynamism is hard to achieve but we’ll change your dream into reality.
A Video Editor is the one who makes the final decisions about what needs to be seen and heard in a Cinema film / TV show, while also controlling its rhythm & pace. Extremely technical and yet tremendously artistic, a career in film and TV editing is monetarily as well as creatively satisfying. So if you want to utilize your observation in forming and creating a ‘picture perfect’ frame to the viewers then you must look for the right institute to pursue your career in Video Editing. We provide 100% practical exposure along with the necessary theoretical knowledge.
Certificate programs in video and film production offer a solid foundation of the skills needed to pursue career opportunities in the entertainment / News industry. This Course can provide individuals with the skills and training necessary to earn an entry-level position in News media production and film production.
Camera is known as the eye of Media. Camera involves a high-tech vision that involves user’s understanding and learning. A good cameraperson has to have a keen eye to command the camera.
‘Practice makes man perfect’ is very much justified in practicing the camera and lighting techniques. The best way to acquire the skills of Camera & Lighting Techniques is rigorous practice and training. During the training session, students undergo carefully designed practical exercises to make their own production, which later on moulds them into creative camerapersons.
Today Newspapers, Magazines & Television highly depend on a wide range of graphic elements, some of which are pre-designed and some are executed in real-time during transmission. This Course aims to equip students with the requisite skill-set crafted for today’s demanding Print & television Production scenario. The course blends theory in the form of graphic design principles, with hands-on training in commonly used tools like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, 3DsMax etc.
News reporting is the key part of Media industry and TV News is highly different and interactive form of live news presentation coverage. Fr coverage f TV news reporter should be very enthusiast and active and we would provide you the techniques for game changing visual news coverage.
Without a Script a news paper cannot be published and TV news cannot be broadcasted, S we can say that if there is news there is script writing is great work f creative writing requires for many kind f media jobs.